Universal Republic's Erik Hassle

“It’s music about things you think of when you’re going to sleep…”

Three years is a long time at a point when overnight success is taken to be the norm, but at the age of just twenty singer, songwriter and idiosyncratic soul pop talent Erik Hassle already believes in taking things slowly. It is just as well: his signature tune "Hurtful" took a year to start climbing the charts in Sweden, but that first trickle of success quickly became a tidal wave.

Now the cycle begins again in the UK, not with "Hurtful" (yet) but, to kick things off, with the synthy acoustic number "Don’t Bring Flowers". There is also an album titled 'Hassle'. You can trace it back, if you wish, to a tiny village voted the most boring place in all of Sweden, and the first time Hassle picked up a drum stick at the age of five then fell in love with the Wilson Pickett albums belonging to his best friend’s father. But the real story of this album is a more recent three year window of life, frozen in song.

Watch Erik Hassle's evocative music video for "Hurtful":

'Pieces' - Available on November 24th!