Listen to Michael Buble's Crazy Love!

He sold more 22 million albums, won a Grammy award and he is now back with a new album titled Crazy Love.

The album contains a mix of original tracks and covers of classics, Michael BublĂ© describes the album as the “ultimate record about the inevitable roller coaster ride of relationships”.

"I started this record knowing I was going to record it differently than my previous ones," he said.

" I dug way deeper and was more introspective on this one. Basically, I sang the truth - made each song autobiographical - and you can definitely hear the difference.

"I went back to the way my idols made their records. I wanted an organic feel - so people could feel like they were in the studio with me. The musicians and I all sat in the room, recorded it right from the floor and we let the sounds all come together and bleed into one another. It's not contrived. Not too perfect. It just feels really good."

Crazy Love will be officially released on October 19.

Sample Michael Buble's new album

Also, don't forget to catch Michael on Oprah today, October 9th. Check your local listings for more details.