Hollywood Sexiest Legs by Touch Magazine | The Sexiest Legs in Hollywood

It's really entertaining when we know the list of the hottest woman from the magazine version. like in our previous post such as the hottest girls in the world from Maxim Magazine, the sexiest FHM girls or the other list of the hottest and sexiest girls.

In this time how about if we talk about the world sexiest legs in the hollywood?? Beside breast and bottom the other beautiful and charming woman's body part was legs. there's so many models out there who has the sexy and beautiful legs. one of them was Stacy Keibler who was known also as the WWE Wrestler. we also call her as the legs of WWE. since her beautiful legs. but how about the sexiest legs in the hollywood??

this list was from Touch Magazine version. this is the most recent list provided by Touch Magazine. here is the top 10 of Sexiest Legs in Hollywoods.

We start the list from the 10th place...

10. Eva Longoria

9. Katharine McPhee

8. Christina Aguilera:

7, Carrie Underwood

6. Halle Berry

5. Stacy Keibler

4. Vanessa Minnillo

3. Jennifer Aniston

2. Gisele Bundchen:

1. Charlize Theron