Hottest Metal Chicks - Christina Scabia

Unlike the previous post on girls modele, now i'd like to share you a different beauty.. now we talk about an underground music beauty.. it's Christina Scabia. she was lacuna coil vocalist.. a metal band.. we also know that now there's no gender in music, but christina scabia surely shows her ability to become a modele. she's really good looking although she play a metal band.. and she use a mascara on her eyes.. we don't talk about EMO fashion now. but about the hottest metal chicks Christina Scabbia.. She's also pose for several magazine cover.. you can see below. OK Let's see the hottest metal chicks Christina Scabia

Here is the cute and beauty from the underground world..

This is her pose on the magazine cover..

I think that she could be a model also.. with a good looking face and body.. have you ever dreamed a metal lady become a model?? hehehe..

Thanks for read this post.. Oh yeah i almost forgot. there's another model which was in music world here in girls modele, she is Niki belucci a hungarian topless DJ you could see her also..

How Cindy spent part of Thanksgiving

Cindy joined the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Corbin Bleu and Kirk Douglas to serve those less fortunate at the Los Angeles Mission's annual Thanksgiving Street Meal. More info can be found all over the web - here, for instance.

Pretty Lebanese Modele

Lebanon are really have so many beautiful woman in the world, but i don't know why the lebanese girls are not the winner of the Miss Arabian World Competition 2007.. but that's OK, even if they're not the winner but lebanese girl are still have a great face and body.. tehy're very beautiful .. several days ago girls modele have brought you a lebanon's Beauty And now girls modele brought you another beauaty lebanese modele just for you.. in pretty lebanese modele. Let's start the tour

And here is Anabelle Hilal.. she's the most beautiful modele here

Miss Arab World 2007 Competition

We usually heard about a competition of miss universe, or miss world and miss australia, miss america and many other similar competition, the first i know these competition i thought there will be a swimsuit category like in any other miss competition.. but in this Miss Arabic World Competition we can't find it.. this competition are for a girl from Arabic territory.. the contestant are also wear a hi jab.. you wanna see more of this miss Arab world 2007 competition?? OK let's start with the contestant first

And here is the winner... and the celebration of her winning...

So who are your favourite contestan??
I guess i vote for the morocco girl.. wow she's so pretty with her yellow hijab..

Niki Belucci - Hungarian Topless DJ

DJ's job now, many woman do that job, yeah as a Woman DJ this hungarian girl have a unique style to do her job.. she's doing her job as a DJ with Topless, even though there are many girl's DJ do it with Topless but now we only expose about Niki Belucci a Sexy Hungarian Topless DJ.. OK let the music start from a topless DJ