Alizee Jacotey - French Singer

Name: Alizee Jacotey
Occupation: Singer

Date of Birth: August 21, 1984
Place of Birth: Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Brothers: One brother, Johann, born in 1990

Astrological sign: Lion
Eyes colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Height: 1.61 m

Qualities: Volunteer, generous, simple, hard-working
Defects: Curious, timid, jealous, possessive, obstinate
She likes: The beach, shopping, dolphins, Corsica, the pink color, candies
She does not like: The green color, the lies, hypocrisy

Distinctive marks: She is very superstitious and always has on her a chain and gold pendentive that her dance teacher gave her, a New York subway ticket and many bracelets

The first i saw her was when i was in highschool and watch the cable television of france chanel, at that time she sing her song which titled "Moi Lolita", at that time i'd really amazed of her face and her voice, but Have you ever heard the name of Alizee Jacotey?? she is a beautiful french singer.. OK if you wanna know more about Alizee Jacotey, you'll have to see her picture here.