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This card says it all, Music2Nite wishes you all the best for 2010, lots of happiness, and amazing new adventures!

May the New Year bring lots of amazing music, and starting from next year Music2Nite will once again be posting on a regular basis!

I have a great New Year’s resolution for all of you, next year put yourselves on a peadastool, know that all you have to do is go after what you want and not give up. Most of all, don’t forget to appreciate what you have. That’s what I’ll be going for!

Happy New Year, thank you for following Music2Nite!

Ciara Gets $2,000,000 For Kazakhstan Gig!

Ciara Kazakhstan 
First Rihanna is offered a hefty sum to perform in Abu Dhabi, now it’s Ciara’s turn to cash in on the New Year’s. She’s allegedly going to perform in Kazakhstan at the same venue Whitney Houston performed in July 2008.

Ciara has been performing in Africa and will head over to Moscow after her Kazakhstan gig.

Ciara is currently nominated for a Grammy Award under the Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals category, for her hit “Love Sex Magic” with Justin Timberlake.

Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle Collaboration?

Lady Gaga Susan Boyle
Lady Gaga is one of Susan Boyle’s biggest fans! She is Gaga’s “woman of the year” and eyes a possible collaboration with her.

"I love Susan Boyle. She is my woman of the year. She has achieved more in this year than most artists will in a lifetime. This time last year nobody even knew who she was and now she is knocking the world's most established artists off the album and singles charts."

"Our styles are different. I don't know if we could work together, but never say never. It would be great to work with somebody of that talent."

Apparently, 50 Cent also showed interest in collaborating with the X Factor’s superstar.

I can’t even imagine what that would sound like, but count on Lady Gaga to think out of the box for any of her projects.

Susan Boyle Lady Gaga

Unreleased Alicia Keys Track – Heaven’s Door

The Japan released version of “The Element of Freedom” includes a bonus track titled “Heaven’s Door”, and it just leaked on the internet.

It’s a slow, and soft jam, maybe something we could need more of. There are so many upbeat tunes these days, it’s nice to hear something chill like “Heaven’s Door”.

Also be sure to check out Giant Magazine’s next issue, it features Alicia Keys on the cover, an interview, and amazing pictures!

Watch a video with Smokey D. Fontaine and Alicia Keys on behalf of Giant Magazine here.

New Beyonce Music – Black Culture + Waiting

There have been rumours that Beyonce is set to already release a new album next year. Two unknown tracks have leaked and may be included on the untitled album or just may have been left out of “I Am… Sasha Fierce”.

The first song “Black Culture” includes background music from Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”.

The second song “Waiting” was produced by the production team Stargate.

What do you think of both tracks?

In other Beyonce news, our fierce lady is has been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards, including record of the year for "Halo," album of the year for "I Am ... Sasha Fierce" and song of the year for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." Beyonce is set to perform at the Grammy Awards.