Mary J. Blige is Stronger With Each Tear

stronger with each tear

Soul and R&B superstar Mary J. Blige just released her new album “Stronger With Each Tear” and is set to bump Alicia Keys to the third spot of Billboard’s top charts. As amazing as Mary J. is, she also will most likely not beat Susan Boyle’s “I Dreamed A Dream”.

Her new album might not reach to number one on its first week, but Mary J. Blige is already thinking of another album. In the near future she will work on a jazz album, because she says she wants to do a more classic genre.

She also insists on collaborating with Anita Baker on her next album. "I haven't had a chance to collaborate with Anita Baker yet. So when I do my jazz album, Anita, I'm coming for you," Mary explained. "I have no idea when I'm going to do the jazz album, but it can't be long. It won't be long."

“Stronger With Each Tear” dropped in the U.S on December 21st and includes duet songs with Drake, T.I., and Trey Songz.