Simone Simons Pics from Revolver Magazine

Do you miss simone simons the angel of epica?? this red haired girls which has a very beautiful eyes was known as the vocalist for the metal band epica, actually she's really sexy and charming, not only that, i love her voice so much. she has a clean voice and has a high vocal technique.

Well this is the picture of Simone simons when she pose for Revolver Magazine as the Hottest Chicks in Metal. Hope that you enjoy this Simone Simons Pics from Revolver Magazine.

"The grossest place I've ever played? I am sorry to say this but it was in Nashville. I took a shower in that venue and had some company from bugs which came crawling out of the drain. Didn't feel much cleaner after the shower than I did before."

"My grossest fan interaction was during a hot summer festival last year where there were only really sweaty fans who wanted to hug me. Their and my sweat was mixing like cocktails. I have also been licked in the face by a Turkish fan."

"The grosses thing I’ve ever done? During an Epica show, I had to go backstage and pee in a trash can because there was no toilet in the backstage and not enough time for me to go through the crowd."