Prisa Adinda - Hot Indonesian Guitar Queen

Prisa adinda was known as Indonesian musician, singer and also guitarist, as a woman she has really great talent in playing a guitar. Indonesian public firstly know her after she has been featured by J-Rocks in "Kau Curi Lagi". Now Girlsmodele will present you this hot and beautiful guitarist. this pretty lady was a lover of Sepultura Band.. Yeah Baby!!

Before famous as the solo artist and guitarist, she play an underground music style with her band mate. where it's rare to seen a woman play this kind of music.. and she's becoming famous firstly when she joined J-Rocks band as featured musician on "Kau Curi Lagi"

Full name : Prisa Adinda arini Rianzi
Call name : Prisa
Place/Date of Birth : Jakarta, January 6th 1988

Guitar : Gibson DKNG Archtop
Jackson USA Randy Rhoads RR1
Fender USA telecaster
Jackson Flathead Custom Shop
Martin & co X Series
Fender Strat Eric Clapton

Elsa Krassova - Indonesian Busty Babe

We got another hot and busty indonesian models here, her name was Elsa Krassova, she was known as one of the sexiest model in Indonesia. look how sexy is Elsa in this photo collection.

Elsa Krasova was be in Popular in November 2007 cover, as a model

Name : Elsa Krasova
Born : Medan/ 4 July 1982
H/W : 168 cm/ 48 kg
Size : Shirt : S Pant : 27 BRA : 36C Shoe : 37
Studies : Harapan University Medan
Carrier : Model, Sinetron Actrees,
Hobbi : Shopping, Travelling
Idol : Beyonce Knowlees