'Lady Gaga Revenge' iPod Application Available Now!

The music of Lady Gaga is now an app on the iPhone, and "LoveGame" is your game. 'Lady Gaga Revenge' is the latest version of 'Tap Tap Revenge', the wildly popular, most-downloaded app in Apple's iTunes store. Tap the targets and shake your iPhone to the beats of 14 Lady Gaga album tracks and smash remixes, including "Poker Face", "Just Dance", and "Paparazzi". With graphics and themes inspired by the videos and style of 'The Fame', 'Tap Tap Revenge' shows they know how to treat a Lady......

Download 'Tap Tap Revenge' from the
iTunes store

Want to MEET Lady Gaga? Download and play 'Lady Gaga Revenge' for a chance at 4 tickets to see Lady Gaga live & meet her after the show! To win this once-in-a-lifetime prize, grab your iPhone or iTouch and BEAT 'Lady Gaga Revenge'. Submit a high score on each track in the game INCLUDING the locked boss tracks. Once you submit a score on every track, you've got an entry into the contest.

As if that wasn't enough - we're giving away 30 copies of 'The Fame' autographed by Lady Gaga! Every day for the next 30 days you can win one of these autographed albums just by submitting a high score in 'Lady Gaga Revenge'. If you don't get the game, you can't win... Click
here to download it now. For more info about 'Lady Gaga Revenge' and how to win these prizes, check out the Tapulous Blog.