Prisa Adinda - Hot Indonesian Guitar Queen

Prisa adinda was known as Indonesian musician, singer and also guitarist, as a woman she has really great talent in playing a guitar. Indonesian public firstly know her after she has been featured by J-Rocks in "Kau Curi Lagi". Now Girlsmodele will present you this hot and beautiful guitarist. this pretty lady was a lover of Sepultura Band.. Yeah Baby!!

Before famous as the solo artist and guitarist, she play an underground music style with her band mate. where it's rare to seen a woman play this kind of music.. and she's becoming famous firstly when she joined J-Rocks band as featured musician on "Kau Curi Lagi"

Full name : Prisa Adinda arini Rianzi
Call name : Prisa
Place/Date of Birth : Jakarta, January 6th 1988

Guitar : Gibson DKNG Archtop
Jackson USA Randy Rhoads RR1
Fender USA telecaster
Jackson Flathead Custom Shop
Martin & co X Series
Fender Strat Eric Clapton