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Why Is She Famous?

Tara Reid is one of Hollywood's hot young actresses, having appeared in American Pie, Urban Legend and Van Wilder. In addition to her nightclub antics, she made headlines in November 2004 when pictures of her exposed nipple (surprise, surprise) were posted on the Internet.

Tara ReidTara Reid

Tara Reid

Birth date
November 8, 1975

Birth place
Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name
Tara D. Reid

Tara Reid PhotoTara Reid Photo

Professional Children's School in New York City; Barnstable Academy

5' 5(1.65 m)



Claim to fame
as Victoria 'Vicky' Lathum in American Pie (1999)

Tara Reid Beautiful PictureTara Reid Beautiful Picture


Alone in the Dark ( 2005 )
My Boss's Daughter ( 2003 )
Devil's Pond ( 2003 )
National Lampoon's Van Wilder ( 2002 )
American Pie 2 ( 2001 )
Just Visiting ( 2001 )
Josie and the Pussycats ( 2001 )
Dr. T and the Women ( 2000 )
Around the Fire ( 2000 )
Cruel Intentions ( 1999 )
Girl ( 1999 )
Body Shots ( 1999 )
American Pie ( 1999 )
Around the Fire ( 1998 )
The Big Lebowski ( 1998 )
Urban Legend ( 1998 )

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Mailin Address

Tara Reid
c/o BMR Public Relations
9100 Wilshire Blvd., Sixth Floor, West Tower
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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Tara Reid was born on November 8, 1975, in Wyckoff, New Jersey. The daughter of Tom and Donna, teachers who run a pair of day care centers, Tara was immersed into acting early on. Of Irish, Italian, French, Hungarian, and English descent, Tara may have an All-American look, but her look has always been unique enough to get her acting roles, even as a child.

Tara Reid Hot PicTara Reid Hot Pic

She made her debut in a children's television game show, Child's Play, in 1982, and then appeared in commercials for products like Crayola, Jell-O and McDonald's. Joining a class consisting of fellow child actors such as Macaulay Culkin, Jerry O'Connell, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Holly Marie Combs, Tara attended the Professional Children's School in New York, New York.

Tara Reid Hot PosterTara Reid Hot Poster

Tara reid is no urban legend

Tara Reid's earlier work includes a bit part in Saved by the Bell: The New Class in 1994 and a guest spot on California Dreams in 1996.

But in 1998 she scored her first high-profile role as Bunny Lebowski, the much younger wife of The Big Lebowski, in the movie of the same name. That same year, she appeared in I Woke Up Early the Day I Died, and had a larger role as a college campus DJ in the teen thriller Urban Legend, sharing the screen with Alicia Witt and Rebecca Gayheart.

1999 was Tara's breakthrough year. She appeared in the made-for-TV movie What We Did That Night and had a small role in Cruel Intentions, a teen-oriented version of Dangerous Liaisons.

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Tara reid in american pie

After Around the Fire, Tara starred as Vicki in the surprise gross-out hit of the year, American Pie, along with sexy Shannon Elizabeth and Mena Suvari.

Now more of a recognizable star, Tara was seen in Body Shots (1999) and in the star-studded flop, Dr. T & the Women (2000); not even Helen Hunt or Kate Hudson could save that disaster.

But while 2000 was a quieter year career-wise, it was nowhere near boring for Tara, as she met former MTV VJ (and now NBC Last Call host) Carson Daly during Spring Break in March and he proposed that October. Tara and Carson called it quits in 2001, and the breakup allegedly led to Tara's brief bout with anorexia. By late 2001, she was healthy again.

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Tara reid parties in van wilder

2001 was a big movie year for Tara, with roles in Just Visiting and Josie and the Pussycats, co-starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Rosario Dawson.

She also reprised her role in American Pie 2, and took on another "college girl" gig as a high school paper reporter in the comedy National Lampoon's Van Wilder.

In 2003, Tara starred in Devil's Pond and played Ashton Kutcher's love interest in My Boss's Daughter.

In 2005, Reid can add Alone in the Dark (a thriller based on the video game), Wicked Prayer and Land of Canaan to her resume.tara reid in the news

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Although Tara has not been in a memorable film since Van Wilder, she continues to make headlines. Known for her heavy drinking and party-girl lifestyle, Tara counts fellow partier Paris Hilton among her circle of close friends. One person she is not good friends with is Internet babe Cindy Margolis, whom she physically fought with. Margolis is married to Reid's ex-boyfriend, restaurateur Guy Starkman.

In addition to Carson Daly and Guy Starkman, Tara has been romantically linked to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback Kyle Boller and financial analyst Jason Ader.

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While the paparazzi always seem to get shots of Tara Reid stumbling out of bars drunk, the most famous image of her is another "Nipplegate," which shows her left breast popping out of her dress as she arrived at hip-hop artist P. Diddy's birthday party in New York.

When she's not partying it up or acting, she also serves as a fashion consultant for her brother Patrick's clothing store, called Patrick Reid.

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Personal Quotes

"If Carson was an actor, he'd understand why I have to be away on sets and that if I have to kiss another guy in a movie, I do it. He'd read the tabloids that I was with Ashton Kutcher, but that was a bunch of bull. Then, I started reading he was with a stripper, and that wasn't true. You start tripping on each other for no reason. It makes you crazy." - about part of why she and ex-fiancéé MTV VJ Carson Daly split up.

Sexy Tara Reid Hot PictureSexy Tara Reid Hot Picture

Slasher movies are fun. You watch yourself get chopped to pieces, yet you're still alive. You see the blood on the ax and think, Holy **it, this is sick, but you kind of get over your fear of death.

It would be the ultimate dream for me to win an Academy Award, be in love and have kids. Then I would say, 'Life is great! I have done everything I wanted.' I keep trying to get closer to that. I also think when that happens, people will finally leave me alone.

Hot Tara Reid Lovely PhotoHot Tara Reid Lovely Photo

Once you get to know me, you would know in a second that I am an East Coast girl. You can tell because I'm not flaky, and I will tell you how it is. I also walk faster than they walk in L.A.

People think I am America's party girl, which is just stupid. I have done 24 movies and I am creating my own TV show.

Sexy Tara Reid Beautiful ImageSexy Tara Reid Beautiful Image

I think the reason I never ended up in as much trouble as Paris or Lindsay seem to is that I'm not stupid, so I'd never do a lot of the things those girls do, and I've always had good friends around me. They need to straighten up a little bit and make better investments. And they should surround themselves with better people who don't let them get themselves in trouble. You'll never read a story about me going out and partying when I'm supposed to be working. Nor would I show up on a set drunk or miss a day's work - never.

Tara Reid Hot PicsTara Reid Hot Pics

I wish all the mean people, if you want to be mean to each other, just buy a country together and blow each other up. Then we'd have no terrorists left. Like, don't kill innocent people for no reason. It's not fair. We love everybody. We'd even like them if they said they're sorry. It's not fair that innocent people are getting hurt. It makes me sad."

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I like when a guy makes me feel like a woman and a little girl at the same time.

I like a guy who uses his hips when he's dancing. You know you're in for good sex if a guy uses those on the dance floor.

---Tara Reid.

Michelle Branch Biography, Wallpapers, Pictures, Photos.

Why Is She Famous?

Her album The Spirit Room went platinum, and her singles "Everywhere" and "All You Wanted" were Billboard Top 20 hits. She is also known for her folksy pop sound that takes advantage of her considerable guitar skills.

Michelle BranchMichelle Branch

Date of Birth
2 July 1983, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Birth Name
Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch

Meech, Chelle

5' 5" (1.65 m)

Northern Arizona University

Michelle Branch PhotoMichelle Branch Photo



The Hot Chick ( 2002 )

Teddy Landau (23 May 2004 - present) 1 child

Michelle Branch Lovely WallpapersMichelle Branch Lovely Wallpapers


Michelle Jaquet DeSevren Branch was born in Phoenix, Arizona on July 2nd 1983. Michelle was born seven weeks early weighing only 3lbs 11oz, and says she was eager to get into the world. Her whole life she has loved music, listening to The Beatles since she was in the womb. At the time of her birth, her family were living in Flagstaff, Arizona but as it was 4th of July weekend, there were no places at the hospital and her mum, Peggy had to be flown to Phoenix with her dad, David following in the car. When Michelle was just three years old she recorded herself singing Beatles covers on her parents karaoke machine and sent them off to her grandma. She remembers her version of "Ticket To Ride" clearly, "She's got a chicken to ride, but she don't care!". At eight years old she took up singing lessons, but had to give them up when at eleven years old along with her parents, her older brother David (b. March 11th 1979) and younger sister, Nicole (b. 1987) she moved to Sedona, Arizona. From then on Michelle took up singing lessons with Gina Bettum, and a year after picking up the guitar by herself, at age 15 she started lessons with Ms. Bettums husband, Gary, but quickly stopped having lessons with him after she found herself constantly being technical instead of going with the flow. Also at age 15, Michelle left school and was home tutored by her mum, with a clear warning that if her grades dropped, she must return to school but luckily that never happened and she was able to focus on her music more.

Michelle Branch Beautiful WallpapersMichelle Branch Beautiful Wallpapers

Her first break into the music industry happened when she was at home, looking after her younger sister Nicole. A family friend called her up and told her that a music manager named Jeff Rabhan was taking a time share tour at her company and to get down to her office with a demo tape. Unable to leave Nicole alone and with no drivers licence or parents in the house, Michelle stole her neighbours golf cart and made her way down to the resort with Nicole. Michelle says that when they got there, he wasn't interested but after forcing her tape on him, he listened to it on his way home in the car. A few months later, Michelle unexpectedly received a phone call from him, asking to sign her. He is still her manager to this day.

Michelle Branch PosterMichelle Branch Poster

After signing with Jeff Rabhan's company, Michelle went into the studio to record an indy album named Broken Bracelet and planned to give it away at local shows. Then in Summer 2000, Michelle received another phone call - this time from Hanson s reps, asking Michelle to play for them on some of their upcoming shows. Michelle happily accepted, packed her bags and flew to California where she would be spotted by a rep at Maverick Records and offered a record deal. In December 2000, Michelle eventually signed with Madonna's label and was halfway through finishing her first major album, later titled "The Spirit Room".

Michelle Branch Hot WallapaperMichelle Branch Hot Wallapaper

The summer hit of 2001 turned out to be "Everywhere", the first single off Michelle's album. It shot into the #12 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and made Michelle an established upcomer, with everyone wanting to work with her including Lifehouse, Jude, The Calling, Sheryl Crow and most recently The Dixie Chicks bringing her on tour with them. Then in January 2002, "All You Wanted" - Michelle's favourite off the album - stormed in at #6 and reached #1 on the TRL top 10. As summer 2002 came around, not even a year after her debut, and just a few weeks after the release of her third and final single off TSR, "Goodbye To You" (which reached #21), Carlos Santana requested Michelle's services for his comeback album, Shaman. The song was "Game Of Love" and hit the top 5, gaining Michelle worldwide recognition. Even Michelle admits that the duet made her, especially after being nominated for "Best New Artist" and winning "Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals" at the Grammy Awards in February 2003.

Michelle Branch Cool Wallpapers

In April 2003, Michelle finished recording her album, named Hotel Paper, after years of writing. The first single to be taken off HP was "Are You Happy Now?", which charted. Since then, she has gone on to perform at the Superbowl, Latin VMAs, headlining the Pepsi Smash, Humanitarian of the Year, MMVAs and was the first person to perform on top of the Madison Square Garden marquee.

Michelle Branch Cute Wallpapers

Personal Quotes

"Music has always been in me. When I sing, I have a sense of peace, I feel like my brain turns off, and I become the core person of who I am - the essence of me. I feel connected to whatever is out there. It's almost like I leave my body and get to watch."

Michelle Branch Sexy WallpaperMichelle Branch Sexy Wallpaper

"We got married on May 23 on top of a remote island off Mexico. I arrived by speedboat in a Morgane LeFay gown I bought for $300. We were there for about a week after - like a honeymoon!" - On her nuptuals to 40 year old boyfriend/bassist Teddy Landau.

"I secretly want to replace Meg White (of The White Stripes). I want to be a chick drummer!"

Michelle Branch PicturesMichelle Branch Pictures

"When I'm having a bad day, I pick up my guitar. Music is my release."

"I have a pirate fetish - I just always thought eye patches were sexy. If you want to get my attention, wear a pirate outfit."

"I always tell people that I'll sound exactly like Alanis Morissette after I've had more boyfriends. I'll be just as anguished-sounding."

-Michelle Branch

Ciara Biography, Wallpaper, Pictures.

Why Is She Famous?

She's the hottest female voice from the Dirty South, touted as the next big thing by crunk guru Lil Jon. Her album Goodies is a sales champ, thanks to her many collaborations with stars like Ludacris, Missy Elliott and R. Kelly.



Birth Name
Ciara Princess Harris

Date of Birth
25 October 1985

Ciara PictureCiara Picture

Place of Birth
Austin, Texas, USA

5' 9 ''


Ciara Cool Free WallpaperCiara Cool Wallpaper


Claim to Fame
Debut album: Goodies (2004)

Ciara Lovely Free WallpaperCiara Lovely Wallpaper

The First Lady of Crunk
The Princess
Princess of Crunk & B
Ci Ci

Mailing Address/ Fan Mail
c/o the William Morris Agency
One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Ciara Sexy Free WallpaperCiara Sexy Wallpaper


Ciara Princess Harris was born on October 25, 1985, in Austin, Texas. Her father was a military man, and towed her to his various posts in Germany, New York, California, Arizona, and Nevada. They finally settled in Atlanta, capital of the Dirty South, while she was still a little girl.

At first, Ciara wanted to become a model, but her affinity for music made her think bigger, which her breathy, sexy voice enforced. One day she saw Destiny's Child perform on TV and decided that that was what she was going to do.

Sexy CiaraSexy Ciara

Ciara decides to become a singer

So she wrote down on a piece of paper that she wanted to be a professional singer, and she wanted it soon. It was no joke. She gave up movies, cut down on phone time and spent less time with her friends. She even broke up with her boyfriend.

she was voted "Most likely to become famous" in high school.

Ciara Lovely PosterCiara Lovely Poster

Ciara in hearsay

She joined a girl group called Hearsay that performed in Atlanta, but it was short-lived. She went solo, quickly grabbing a recording deal (how could she not?). It all happened very quickly, but Ciara never hesitated. It was this self-assurance in the 16-year-old that grabbed the attention of Atlanta producer Jazze Pha, who immediately set out to make her a record under his Sho' Nuff label.

Ciara Beautiful PictureCiara Beautiful Picture

She wasn't just that good. She was good enough to drop the jaws of R&B master Lil Jon, who pioneered the crunk genre. In his words: "Crunk & B songs are R&B songs that get you crunk. They make you wanna wild out."

Ciara Hot PicCiara Hot Pic

Ciara releases goodies

Lil Jon produced her hit single "Goodies," a song about female empowerment whose verses ("If you're looking for the goodies keep on looking 'cause they stay in the jar.") tell guys that having bling and a cool posse aren't enough to get her into your car.

Ciara Lovely ImageCiara Lovely Image

Other songs on Ciara's debut album bounce with confident messages, dealing with real-life issues and giving a voice to young girls. And with only three years in the music biz, she has lots of star power to her credit. Missy Elliott, Petey Pablo and Ludacris lend their voices to some tracks, and R. Kelly wrote "Next To You" for her.

Ciara Sexy PosterCiara Sexy Poster

But she doesn't let her guests overshadow her own voice. "They spice a record; they add a little seasoning to it. I'm the dressing, and they put a little gravy on it," she says.

Ciara PosterCiara Poster

Personal Quotes

"Being in this industry makes you develop more quickly than a typical child would. You mature faster."


Kelly Brook Picture Gallery

Why Is She Famous?

Kelly Brook is one of England's best known models, who is regularly included in the Top 10 of most men's magazines "Sexiest Women" polls. She even ranked No. 33 on AskMen's Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2007. She was also a TV presenter on The Big Breakfast, and got the green light for a show on the WB network called The (Mis)adventures of Fiona Plum.

Sexy Kelly Brook picture gallerySexy Kelly Brook

Date of Birth
23 November 1979, Rochester, Kent, England, UK

Birth Name
Kelly Ann Parsons

5' 8" (1.73 m)

Sexy Kelly Brook wallpaper galleryKelly Brook Hot Pic


Studied for 3 years at the Italia Conti stage school in London, UK.

Quit "The Big Breakfast" (1992) after the tabloids published rumours that she was to be fired for being too "dumb".

Has a brother, Damian, who is two years younger than her. Also has a half- sister, Sasha, whom she credits with getting her into modeling.

Measurements: 32E-24-35 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Sexy Kelly Brook poster galleryKelly Brook Lee Poster

She started modelling professionally at 16 and starred in her first advertising campaign for Lee Jeans. Since then she's featured in campaigns for Renault Megane, Walkers and Piz Buin. Her first media break came when she was taken an interest in by the UK national tabloid newspaper The Star, who still regularly publish images of her to this day. She was then recognized by, and is often featured in, the 'lad's mags' FHM, Maxim etc.

Went to a school called Thomas Aveling whilst living in Rochester

Voted #1 in FHM Sexiest Women 2005

Sexy Kelly Brook image galleryKelly Brook Lovely Image

One of her first modeling job was for a then mail order lingerie company called Bravissimo in UK. The company specializes in selling bras of large cup sizes.

Made an early appearance in the public eye advertising 'Deathtrap Dungeon' in 1998, posing in photo-shoots as the heroine. In an interview, Johnny Vaughn recalled how this was how he first met her; his wife made the costumes for Eidos photo-shoots.

Named #71 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2005" list.

Sexy Kelly Brook biography personal quotesKelly Brook Beautiful Photo

Was featured as #97 in Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100 of 2002" supplement. (2002)

Engaged to Billy Zane.

Seperated amicably from her fiancé Bily Zane.