Most Beautiful Arabian Singer

For those who love arabian song must be know about who is the most beautiful arabian singer, actually i heard many arabian song from several singer, such as nancy ajram, haifa wehbe and also elissa khoury, in my opinion this is the most beautiful arabian singer.

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This list below only my opinion about her beauty and her vocal quality, if you have a further information about this topic please add your knowledge about the most beautiful arabian singer in the comment section. Yeah let's start our journey about Most Beautiful Arabian Singer in Girlsmodele.

1. Elissa Khoury

I Choose her as the most beautiful arabian singer in terms of her great vocal quality, and her beauty of course. i like the typical of her.. that's really impress me so much.

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2. Nancy Ajram

Even this beautiful lebanese woman has a very beautiful face and also nice eyes, but her vocal sounds like a child to me.. but that's OK everyone has their own style of singing.

Here is great photo collection of Nancy Ajram on girlsmodele

3. Haifa Wehbe

Hmm... what can i say about this sexy babe from lebanon?? Haifa looks so sexy and can draw attention from every man!! in terms of her vocal quality i think she has a unique voice that differs her with any other arabian singer. but in my opinion the biggest assets of her was her sexy body and her Fashion

4. Miriam Faris

I like her voice, she's really a good singer and can sing several style of music. in her song called ahlan sakini, Miriam do a great job by her clean voice. but in terms of her beauty i think she's not my type. but still she got an Arabic beautiful looks.

Here is Photo Collection of Miriam Faris

5. Darine Hadchiti

She has a very good vocal quality and perfect body figure and beautiful face. this beautiful lebanon singer was worth to be called as one of the best arabian singer. Personally i like her singing accent in song Akbar.

Here is Darine Hadchiti Photo Collection.

So which one do you choose as the most beautiful arabian singer?? if you have another opinion please share it with me. Thanks