Says Lady Gaga Could Be the 'Next Tori Amos'

Lady Gaga's flair for putting on a controversial and unforgettable stage show has sparked comparisons to everyone from Madonna to Britney Spears to Marilyn Manson. But recently, went as far as to say Lady Gaga just might be the next Tori Amos of the music scene. Unexpected juxtaposition? Read's argument for this interesting theory.

How Lady Gaga Could Become the New Tori Amos
By Robin Guha

You know, Gaga. We totally got off on the wrong foot. I mean sure, the shameless way in which you tore your weave straight off Teri Toye’s scalp and slipped into Róisín Murphy’s garments—which, darling, looked a little like sausage casing on you at the outset—really didn’t make me warm up to you. And then there was “Just Dance,” which sounded like the worst use of a Casio since the “Demo” button. And then came “Poker Face,” which was mildly more melodic, totally gratuitous, and promising ... until that discordant rap, at which point it was an utter failure. But then—then came “Poker Face” ... acoustic! Lives changed.

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