Alicia Keys Discusses New Album

Alicia Keys has already given her audiance a taste of her new upcoming album "Elements of Freedom" (available on December 1st) by releasing the first song of the album "Doesn't Mean Anything". Below are AK's thoughts on the new album.

The music is really strong, and the drums are really aggressive, but my voice is vulnerable and delicate," Keys said in a statement, adding that the album sum ups her process of "eliminating all of the boundaries and all the limitations, so that you can feel your freedom and express your freedom in every way you possibly can, and that's what I did with this album."

"The sound of it is very different — it almost feels like you're flying," she said of the track. "It takes you there. It has that piano, heavy-drum feeling. But the song touches you in this way. You dream of having all these things, you dream of going all these places. But what's the point of doing that, having that, if the one you want to be there isn't with you?"

Keys said the album is diverse but has an overarching pattern. "There's a feeling theme," she explained. "And I think somewhere in there, there's a balance. It's like one side is strong and one side is vulnerable. So that's the theme throughout the album. It has this kind of strong, edgy feel. But it's also intimate and vulnerable and delicate."