New Jennifer Lopez Song - "Fresh Out The Oven"

Jennifer Lopez has just released a new track titled "Fresh Out of the Oven". Having rapper Pitbull on the hook, the track is produced by The Neptunes and contains up-tempo jams which allow people to dance.

When the track came out, rumor suggested it would be included in Jennifer's upcoming studio album tentatively titled "Love". There was also speculation that she would launch her alter ego, Lola. However, both reports were turned down by her camp.

"This is a hot club record that the label loved and Jennifer thought was fun," Amanda Ghost, president of Epic Records explained to People. "Jennifer and Pitbull got together and the record leaked. Lola is a fun character just for this song." A source close to the singer emphasized, "Lola is just for this song, it's not her ongoing persona. It's something fun. She hasn't become Sasha Fierce [Beyonce Knowles' artistic alter ego]. There won't be anything to do with Lola on her 'Love?' album."

What do you think, is Jennifer Lopez trying to copy Beyonce? Sasha Fierce worked so well for her, maybe Jennifer thinks she can do a great comeback with a new name.