N'dambi's New Soulful Album 'Pink Elephant' Available Now!

The critics weigh in on Pink Elephant, the Stax Records debut from soul diva N'dambi!

"Erykah Badu isn't the only soul diva putting Dallas on the map." - DallasNews.com

"N'Dambi's prowess, like the animal after which her CD is titled, is a sizeable one that even the most jaded of soul connoisseurs will be unable to overlook." - SoulTracks.com

"Though the tunes throw it back to the good ol’ days, N’dambi adds a little spice to the fold, made evident on the lead single “Can’t Hardly Wait” where she drops a handful of sassy f-bombs over a popping funk bass groove. Call it neo-soul for the modern age." - ShowingOut.com

"Have you ever put on a new CD and automatically placed your finger on the forward button anticipating the inevitable, "Eh... next!.... this is alright... OK, I like this one... next... next... this could grow on me... next.... next... I like this!... next... is that it?" Well, N'Dambi's Pink Elephant is so not that album!" - PearlsWindow.com

"N'dambi's Pink Elephant, is a masterpiece that layers her molasses-drenched vocals into cushy multi-part harmonies." - GiantStep.net

Listen to N'dambi's Stax Records Debut, Pink Elephant , for free by visiting the links below:


N'dambi - Can't Hardly Wait: