Beautiful Korean Pop Singer - Chae Yeon Lee

Lee Chae Yeon (Korean: 이채연, born 이진숙 on December 10, 1978), better known as Chae Yeon (채연), is a popular Korean pop singer, despite the fact that she is relatively old (most Korean pop singers are in their teens or early 20s). She rose to fame with her hit single "둘이서" (Two of Us) in 2005.

Having passed an audition held by an entertainment management company in Japan, Chae Yeon first appeared on a popular show called “Uchan Nanchan no Urinari!” on Japanese NTV. She appeared on the show for almost 3 years. Along with the television show, Chae Yeon (then Jinny) performed as a singer releasing 3 singles and 1 mini-album in Japan.