World Most Beautiful Woman for your Valentine

Hi Happy Valentine.. in this valentine moment, girlsmodele wanna give you an option about the world's most beautiful woman, you can choose who is the most beautiful girls in this world, and who will be your valentine?? if you have a chance to date with one of them in this valentine, which one will you choose for your valentine?? let us give you some options.. in this special valentine edition post on girlsmodele.. Meet World Most Beautiful Woman for your valentine

Let's Start From Asian Region..

From South East Asia

1. Nok Ausnee from thailand.. you can see more of her photo in here

2. Misa Campo from Philipines you can see more of her beauty here.

3. Luna Maya from Indonesia

From South Asia

1. Riya Sen

From East Asia for those who love Oriental Girls

1. Leah Dizon from Japan.. Girlsmodele has been featured her in this post

2. Hwang mi hee from Korea

From Mid Eastern

1. Darine Hadchiti

Then we go to European Countries which one do you choose??

1. Denise Milani

2. Nicola McLean

For American Woman

1. Kim Kardashian

South American

1. Gabriela Spanic

2. Thalia

So Which one do you choose as your valentine??