Claudia Lynx - Multi Talented Persian Girls

After we brought you about an Iraqi beautiful news presenter, now we go to Iraq neighbor which is Iran, and we has a cute and beautiful girls which was born in Iran and now she was known as Persian pop singer, she was Claudia Lynx.. She start her career in the entertainment world on the age eleven where she was casted to Host and act in the kids television program. and now she was known as one of the Persian pop singer..

Wanna know more about the beauty, the biography and elegant picture of Claudia Lynx - Multi Talented Persian Girls

Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx, (born June 8, 1982), is a Persian Canadian, Actor, Model Writer, Dialect coach, and a former Persian Pop Singer.

Claudia Lynx was born in Tehran, Iran to a Persian Father and Mother. Claudia came to fame in 2000 as the first Persian born Actress/ Model who brought the western culture into the Persian entertainment market. The casting director was mesmerized by Claudia Lynx’s character and gorgeous appearance as well as attractive personality. Claudia was very popular in Toronto especially in the Iranian community.

At the age of eleven, Claudia Lynx was casted to Host and act in the kids segment of a Farsi speaking television show titled, "ShahreMa". Lynx left the show after two years. At the age of thirteen, Claudia Lynx became the Actress, Writer, Director and Host of another popular hit Persian-Canadian T.V. show, ''Tamasha T.V.'' which was aired every sunday, from 1995-1997. In 1995, 13 year old Claudia Lynx was awarded "The Youngest Writer/ Director" of the well-liked hit Persian-Canadian show titled "Tamasha T.V." which was aired every weekend for two years, starring Claudia Lynx (Shaghayegh) as the lead Actress, and the writer, director of the Kids program. At sixteen years of age Claudia Lynx was approached by a Iranian director based in Los Angeles who took a enthusiastic interest in producing the young actress and model. Two years later a music video of Claudia Lynx was released with the demo reel that was recorded by Claudia, and without Claudia Lynx's consent an album titled ''Shaghayegh'' was released. The album did reasonably well, and Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx was soon famous to be the first youngest Persian artist in thirty years. Lynx has continued to appear in various magazine ads ad covers. Claudia Lynx is adored and followed by millions of indulgent fans. Despite rumors created by the British media, Claudia Lynx is currently not in a relationship.