Indonesian Singer Mulan Jameela in Red Dress

She was known as a pop and rock singer in Indonesia, before use Mulan Jameela as her name, she use Mulan Kwok. she start her career as the vocalist on the band called Ratu, but then she left that band and start pursuing her solo career and change her late name Mulan Kwok into Mulan Jameela and she achieve her success.. now we have this great sexy and elegant photo of Indonesian Singer Mulan Jameela in Red Dress

Mulan Jameela (born in Garut, West Java, 23 August 1982; at the age of 26 years, the name was born Raden Wulansari Tantri Terry) was a troubadour Indonesia. She also previously known as Mulan Kwok. Initial popularity started when a group of Ratu vocalist in early 2005. Once separated from Ratu in 2007, Mulan released her first solo album Mulan Jameela in 2008.

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