Victoria Silvstedt in Black Lingerie

Do you Remember about Victoria Silvstedt - Swedish hot models?? She start her career by join the beauty contest in sweden, not only join the miss sweden contest, she also go for the Miss World 1993 Competition.. we thought that this girls are really amazing, she was also mastered 5 different language. now we have another picture set of her, Victoria Silvstedt in Black Lingerie just for girlsmodele fans.. enjoy!!

Nearly six feet tall, with platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes, Victoria’s supermodel status and physical beauty is celebrated all over the world. Silvstedt recently starred in Artisan Entertainment’s star-studded comedy, BOAT TRIP, opposite Cuba Gooding, Jr., Roger Moore and Vivica Fox. A devastating shoulder injury prematurely ended Victoria’s Olympic dreams at the age of 16. Although at the time she was a complete teenage tomboy who had never even worn a pair of high heel shoes, Victoria’s mother and sister secretly entered her into the 1993 Miss Sweden Beauty Pageant.

It was in the fall of 1996 when Victoria’s career path took another unexpected turn. Hugh Hefner offered Victoria an opportunity to do a “quick photo shoot” for Playboy. As with everything that she does, Victoria persevered. Within a year, Victoria not only dropped the playmate stigma, but elevated herself as a world-class, high-fashion model by landing one of the most sought-after modeling contracts in the world – the GUESS? Victoria still remains a highly visible part of the modeling scene.