Layla Kaleigh - England American Models

Have you heard about Layla Kaleigh before?? After watching E3 for the last week, I had to get around to searching for the chick who does "The Feed" on each episode and was surprised to find pretty good pictures...enjoy

Layla Kaleigh was listed on maxim models, and do many job such as co host for MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, and now let's enjoy her beauty in girlsmodele

Layla Kayleigh (born 26 January 1984) is a British TV personality who hosts The Feed segment of G4's Attack of the Show! and co-hosts MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. She has modeled for Maxim Magazine and King Magazine. Kayleigh currently resides in Hollywood, California. She is of African, European and Middle Eastern background

Her birth name was Zara, but she urged her parents to call her Layla after the Derek and the Dominos song.When Layla was 12, her single mother traveled to America in a bid to get U.S. citizenship for herself and Layla, and Layla opted to stay behind. She "never told a soul" about being alone for fear that social services would come for her.