Mayrín Villanueva - Mexican Hot Woman

This sexy Mexican actress was born on 8 October 1975. Wonder when were these photos taken since she is already past her 30’s and already has 2 children. she is also known as telenovela actress, like gabriela spanic and thalia.

She has appeared in ten telenovelas and six other programs since 1997. It was also in 1997 that she married actor Jorge Poza. They have two children, daughter Romina and son Sebastián, born in August 2003. In addition, she has also posed for multiple magazines. At one point, she was also consider for the role of "Julia Montaño" in the 2004 telenovela Apuesta por un Amor, the role eventually went to another actress, Patricia Manterola.

Its model name is Mayrin Ulloa Villanueva, was born in Mexico on October 8, measuring 1.68 m and is pound. Resounding success and won spectacularly in the novel called 'The Scaled Pedro', it is now the same with 'I love John'