Vivian Hsu - Most Beautiful Taiwanese Girls

Now we will give you another hot Asian girls, and now it comes from Taiwan, she is Vivian hsu.. Vivian Hsu is a Taiwanese-born singer, actress, and model. Halfway through 1997, she joined two comedian program hosts to form a music group called the Black Biscuits. Black Biscuits was formed as a rival group to another popular Japanese music group named Pocket Biscuits. Now, she has returned to the Chinese music scene once again, releasing her debut solo Chinese album in Taiwan recently... Ok now let's meet her personally in Vivian Hsu - Most Beautiful Taiwanese Girls

Vivian Hsu (Chinese: 徐若瑄; pinyin: Xú Ruòxuān; Wade-Giles: Hsu Jo-hsüan; Japanese: ビビアン・スー Bibian Sū; born March 19, 1975 in Taichung, Taiwan) is a renowned singer, actress, and model who has gained remarkable popularity in East Asia, mainly in Taiwan and Japan.

English name: Vivian Hsu
Date of birth: March 19, 1975
Height: 5' 3" / 161cm
Weight: 99lbs / 45 kg.
Blood Type: A
Measurements: 33":22.5":33" / 85cm:58cm:85cm
Body mass: 17.36
Favorite car: BMW

Vivian’s breakthrough came in 1995, where she released a nude book Angel Heart, which achieves huge sales in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.
Vivian Hsu capitalized on the rising fame, starring in nude movies Evil Angel and Angel Hearts, and again achieves great success.
Vivian Hsu is quite talented in lyrics writing. Vivian Hsu still managed to release some singles and album in Taiwan during her stay in Japan.