Sexy Russian Chess Grandmaster - Alexandra Kosteniuk

Here is another beauty from Russia, like the previous hot Russian girls, Irina Sheik.. now we have Alexandra Kosteniuk

This 23 Years old Alexandra Kosteniuk prove to the world that intelligence and beauty can go together as what she do on catwalk and being a swimsuit model can raise her profile of the game.

So do you want to know more about this beautiful and Sexy Russian Chess Grandmaster - Alexandra Kosteniuk

Like we know that russian always has many great chess grand master, This Russian swimsuit model Alexandra Kosteniuk has been crowned Queen of Chess after winning the Women's World Chess Championship, she became a Grandmaster at 14, and she is the youngest woman in the world to attain the title And at the age of 20 she achieved the International Grandmaster title.

"Modelling is not a job. It is just a hobby, like reading books. I want people to see there is a fun side to chess. It can be made as exciting as soccer or tennis. Things are changing. I am clever, so I can play chess; and I am not so ugly, so I can model."

Alexandra Konstantinovna Kosteniuk (Russian: Александра Константиновна Костенюк; born April 23, 1984 in Perm, Volga Federal District) is a Russian chess Grandmaster and the current Women's World Chess Champion.