Joss Stone at war with EMI

Joss Stone and her record company EMI are officially at war. Her new album "Color Me Free" was supposed to be released this year in April. However, EMI has decided to indefinitely postpone her new album. Joss has asked to leave the company, however they refuse to let her go.

Joss has agreed to perform at a charity gig Rockwell at London's O2 Arena next month (Sep09) as a mark of defiance against EMI officials.

Joss' comments on her record label: "I'll sing some of my new songs. They're just new songs and I love them. They were recorded about two years ago but I have been in a war with my label. I'm just going to sing anyway and if they would like to turn out (release) my album one day that would be nice. I've no idea when it will be released as it's not up to me. Maybe they're trying to shut me up but good luck because they've picked the wrong girl."

Some of the confirmed tracks of "Color Me Free":

"Free Me"
"Could Have Been You"
"4 & 20"
"Parallel Lines"

It's time this talented girl will release her chains from her record label, hopefully she'll manage to do that soon!