Best Female Thaiboxer - Gina Carano

Unlike our previous post about WWE Divas, now Girlsmodele want to present you another great sportswoman, her name was Gina Carano, she was known as the best female Thaiboxer. she was listed as one of the hottest sportswoman in the world ever.

if you think the sportswoman was ugly so you're totally wrong, who said that the sportswoman especially a female Thaiboxer could not be a magazine models?? Gina Carano proves to you, Gina Carano Appears on Maxim Magazine as one of the hottest sportswoman ever.. see

In ordinary life, she is very sweet and nice, but on the ring she’s a tigress. I almost fell in love. Uhhhh, this is perfection looks.

So are you ready to go to the ring with Gina Carano??