Sori - Hot Korean Singer

Korea was known for their beautiful woman, in our previous post we have talked about the beauty of hwang mi hee and im ji hye and also about lee ji woo. now we got another hot Korean babe here, her name was sori.. she was known as Korean hot singers. actually i don't understand much about Korea, but about a week ago my cousin back from korea and talk many stories about Korean babe. you can find many beautiful babe in Korea.

Sori (meaning sound or noise) is a Korean singer and is a newcomer to the Asian Music Industry. Sori was featured in the musical The Ballerina Who Loves a B Boy in the ballerina role. She is set to release her first mini album "Lips" on February 14th, 2009.

Name: Sori, 소리, 声音
Profession: Singer
Birthplace: South Korea
Hobbies: Ballet
Debut: "Lips" Album (Singer, 2009)

So after you know a little about her now that's the time to meet her personally.. here is Sori - Hot Korean Singer