Most Beautiful Chessmaster in the World

Who is the most beautiful chessmaster in the world?? do you know who is that?? you might be remember about Alexandra Kosteniuk, we has been posted about these Sexy Chess Grandmaster before in Girlsmodele.. now we're gonna post about this 10 most beautiful chessmaster in the world..

All of these girls has it all, the beauty, brain and behavior. those 3 criteria to becoming miss world or miss universe or whatever it is.. but all i know is all of this woman was listed as the Most Beautiful Chessmaster in the World.. but keep in mind all of them was not models or actress their just a chessmaster..

We're gonna give you the list of them included their chess ranking in the world (number shown in the brackets shows their world ranking).. So let's start from the 10th position..

10. Rusudan Goletiani (2371) From USA

9. Zehra Topel (2132) from Turkey

8. Maria Belen Sarquis From Argentina

7. Ingrid Aliaga (2019) From Peru

6. Regina Pokorna (2338) From Slovakia

5. Irene Kharisma (2300) From Indonesia

4. Mariam Mansur (1838) From UAE

3. Alexandra Kosteniuk (2540) From Russia

2. Vesna Rozic (2277) From Slovenia

1. Sanja Dedijer (2068) From Bosnia Herzegovina

And this is some beautiful bonuses for you showing Alexandra Kosteniuk