Kareena in a neta avtar in her next

For Kareena Kapoor playing a female politician for Sudhir Mishra’s Dhruv won’t be the same as Katrina playing the politician in Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti where the director has dressed her up in severe cotton and khadi to look the part.

But Sudhir feels the khadi-dressed politician is obsolete and also unwarranted. “That stereotypical look goes against the young dynamic honest and incorruptible image of the new Indian politician. Kareena in Dhruv will be dressed how you’d expect a beautiful and glamorous people’s representative to be. Look at today’s young smart politicians. They wear what they’re comfortable in.”

Apparently the three generations of Gandhi women Indira, Sonia and Priyanka are being taken into sartorial consideration to model Kareena’s natty neta’s look.

Says Sudhir, “If you remember Kareena’s printed-sari look for Chameli was a craze. I feel Kareena’s politician’s look will also be a craze.”

Reacting to Pritish Nandy’s great sense of betrayal over the apparent translocation of the Devdas script from Pritish Nandy Communications to Excel Films Sudhir says, “All I’ll say is, Mr Nandy is like my elder brother. And if my brother is angry with me I apologize.”

Sudhir has offered to make another film for PNC is lieu of the Devdas project. “We’re yet to work out the details. But the offer is unconditional. Any time he wants me to I’ll make a film for him.”