Michael Jackson's Public Memorial Service - Live Feeds

Michael Jackson's public memorial is avaible live on the following sites:

Staples Center and social networking services Facebook and MySpace members will be able to get an online video of today's memorial.

Here's a report on what happend so far today, this is coming straight from
Dr. Funkenberry

8:27 Photo tribute on Staples big scren outside. Vendors selling hoards of t-shirts. So many different kinds of people everywhere.

8:38 looking at free memorial program they handed out at entry. Nicely done.

8:47 It seems like there is about as much media passes as there would be, if not more, for a super bowl. Human Nature just finished playing in background.

9:00 at seats right by stage. AEG took care of us. The Jackson family is at Forest Lawn right now.

9:05 Al Sharpton here at Staples. They just put casket in hearse. LAPD does not want that info out. Oops.
9:23 Jackson Family along with casket is on way.

9:30 Smokey Robinson shaking hands with one of the Jackson family’s Ministers. Motorcade and helicop escort on way with casket to Staple Center.

9:37 Kim Kardashian and her mom just sat down. Nice view for me when she sat down. Trying to keep it light people.

9:48 They are testing lights. MJ’s body is here. Pulling into Staple Center.