Fardeen Khan Biography

Fardeen Khan, known to his fans as the King of Hearts was born on March 8 1974. He is the son of Sundari Khan and the famous Bollywood actor and Director Firoz Khan. Like a typical Pisces Fardeen is Stubborn yet caring, affectionate and very hard working.

Fardeen was born in India, but did a major part of his studies abroad which gave him a distinct non-Indian accent and outlook. Fardeen completed his education in business management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in USA.

Fardeen made his debut with Prem Agan an in house production directed by none other than his father. The film had a mix of everything action, drama and sex and an attempt was made to established Fardeen’s image as a sexy hunk. The film bombed at the box office big time and all the efforts of the family was wasted. Many say the failure was a result of Fardeen’s father’s shadow and everyone wanted to see the same amazing great Firoz Khan in Fardeen.

Fardeen made a comeback with Jungle. Though the film was not that successful he was able to establish himself as an actor and made a good rappot with the director Ramgopal Verma and worked in Pyar Tune Kya Kiya and Bhoot with him. Fardeen might not have a great list of successful movies like the other Khan’s of Bollywood but he has done a wide variety of roles in a very short time. He has even tried playback singing in Fida and Dev.

Fardeen also dated Ruheen Jaiswal for some time. He is now married to Natasha Madhwani, the daughter of former actress Mumtaz and business tycoon Mayur Madhwani. The two were engaged in a private ceremony in London on May 6, 2005. The marriage ceremony took place on December 14, 2005 via a registration service. Allegedly, the marriage was a three-day long affair with various functions held at the Hyatt and JW Marriott hotels in Mumbai. The ceremony itself was conducted according to Muslim and Hindu rites. The wedding was a major event, attended by Bollywood stars such as, Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta.
His forthcoming films include Heyy Baby, Subway, Darling, Kabul ka Gangster etc.