LeToya Announces 'Bold' New Single

LeToya Returns With "She Ain't Got Sh!t On Me" - The Official Ladies Anthem Of 2009!

"You’re a puppy on leash, time to come back home. I done let you out to play but you ain’t playing fair. You done met this little stray bringing fleas ‘round here!" - LeToya (She Aint Got Sh!t On Me)

LeToya has arrived! The Ne-Yo composed "Not Anymore" was just an introduction to what LeToya has in store on her forthcoming "Lady Love" release. On this Cory Bold (Mike Jones, Omarion, Keri Hilson) produced second single, LeToya let’s them know that she’s taking no prisoners (“Swing batta batta!”). Take a listen to the track!

She Ain't Got Sh!t On Me (AUDIO)

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