Depeche Mode Arrive in Israel!

It's official, Depeche Mode have landed in Israel! Two years ago, they canceled their concert, but they promised that they'd re-schedule and now they are here. Many Israelis have been fans of the British band since the 80s! After landing in Tel Aviv, fans greeted them at their hotel.

Tonight, Gahan will celebrate his 47th birthday, the band members will arrive at the stadium for a rehearsal and a sound check. On the eve of the concert, the three are expected to meet with a few of their fans.

Before the concert on Sunday night, the band will hold a press conference.

Here's an interview with Israeli channel 2 and Dave Gahan:

Depeche Mode arrive in Israel:

Regretably, I didn't get tickets, however I'll still try to make the best possible cover for this historic event.