Alicia Keys - Keep A Child Alive on American Idol

Alicia Keys appeared on American Idol last Wednesday and asked fans to donate $5 to the "Keep A Child Alive" charity.

Millions donated on American Idol last night by texting ‘Alive’ to 90999 to take the dream of wiping out preventable diseases in Africa to the next level.

The superwoman says: "You buy four of your favorite ring tones and that's what you spend, if not more," Keys said, according to the Associated Press. "It puts everything into perspective ... For the cost of probably less than you would spend at Starbucks, you can help someone like Noah."

Noah is a Rwandan rapper who appeared alongside Alicia Keys. He is one of the children of one of the "
Keep A Child Alive" clinics.

Donations can be made until June 1, and the $5 donation will appear on each donor’s phone bill.