Jai Ho - Bollywood Votes

Exhibiting support and concern, our very own Bollywood stepped out to elect the future leaders of their nation will be. Not even threats of swine flu could keep these patriots away! And most of them had loads to say about what they thought.
Aamir Khan who is constantly at the front position of politics, giving his outlook and is always well versed in the issues was certainly spotted voting. He said “I have travelled 48 hours to cast my vote, so people can certainly go out from their homes to cast their vote. If you love your country, this is the day to show it. I’m happy to see so many senior citizens casting their vote here. I appeal to the youngsters to come out and vote…Being an Indian it is our duty to come…every citizen should come out and vote and this is why I am here…We should elect good people… who don’t divide the country. We should elect clean and honest people in politics.”
John Abraham also expressed his own views “After November 26th, you saw the power of democracy. People were very angry against the government. The chief minister (of Maharashtra state) had to resign…That’s the power of democracy.” His new film ‘New York’ portrays the city after the September 11th assault reverberates his personal views in India.
Shahrukh Khan too shared his views- “People expect politicians to solve problems immediately. But it’s not that easy. It takes time. That’s why we should vote and give a chance to better people.” It seemed like Shahrukh Khan hit it right on the nose with the desire to vote for the right people who will make a change.
We here applaud the concern and support displayed by our actors and its time for us to share our responsibilities of a good citizen. Jai Ho!