Simone Simons An Angel of Epica

After serving you Christina Scabbia, Sharon den Adel, now Girlsmodele back with another talented models, now we have Simone simons which was known as the vocalist on Epica.. a metal band from Netherland.. Simone Simons (born Hoensbroek, January 17, 1985) is a Dutch mezzo-soprano[1] singer who is the lead vocalist of symphonic metal ensemble Epica.

I have been musically active since I was 10. I played the flute for one year, after that I had jazz/pop singing lessons for one year. At the age of 15 someone gave me a cd of Nightwish. I liked it so much that I wanted to take classical singing lessons. I have sung in a choir for a couple of months (2002) and then there was and is Epica.