Gabriela Spanic - Venezuelan Telenovelas Queen

I remember it was in 2000, when the first time i look this beautiful woman on TV series, yeah that was Gabriela Spanic, her role as paulina martinez in her movie (La Usurpadora (1998)) was make her famous all over the world, and hey i've met her when she visit my countries.. she's really beautiful and charming. Have you heard about her name before?? for your information, Gabriela Spanic start her career in the Miss Venezuela Pageant in 1992. so do you want to know more about Gabriela Spanic - Venezuelan Telenovelas Queen?? check this out

Gabriela Spanic (born with the name Gabriela Elena Španic Utrera, on 10 December 1973, in Ortiz, Guárico, Venezuela), popularly known as Gaby Spanic, is an award-winning Venezuelan actress best known for her roles in telenovelas.

Her career started in the Miss Venezuela pageant in 1992 as Miss Guarico. Spanic began her university studies in psychology, but always had a latent desire for acting. Her career received a major boost in the mid 90s when she started having leading roles in Venezuelan soaps.

Gabriela Spanic also has a twin sister named daniela spanic

She won the Orquidea Award in 2005 for her trajectory as an actress, as well as the prestigious FAMAS Award for Best Actress for her role in 'Tierra de Pasiones'.