Nastya Zadorozhnaya - Russian MTV starlet

Now this time we wanna give you another Russian Hot Chicks.. this is Nastya Zedorozhanaya, known as Russian Pop Singer who won the Russian recording industry's Rekord award in the category "Under Seventeen and Older," before the tenth Rekord-2008 awards ceremony at Smirnoff mansion on Moscow's Tverskoi Boulevard.

She was born on August 30, 1985, in the small town Of the [vologodskaya] region in the family of serviceman. From the childhood it studied musical school, from 10 years it sang in “the fidgets”, it began to be removed into 15 years, and into 16 already it entered in

[GITIS]. [Nastya] the star of cult youth series “CLUB” on the channel MTV, the sex- symbol of comedy “Troy ON TOP” on RUN- TV. [Nastya] - not only actress, but also singer (as her heroine in “the club”). Its songs sound on the radio, and clips twist themselves on the television.

Ok and now this is her pretty picture of Nastya Zedorozhanaya