Larysa Poznyak - Hollywood’s Youngest TV Host

Who is Larysa Poznyak? We don’t know, but we saw her on TV one night and she was really hot, so onto Google we went in search of answers. Well as it turns out Larysa Poznyak is a former Russian model now living in the U.S., who, according to her Myspace page, is 20-years old and is “Hollywood’s Youngest TV Host”. Now I don’t know what TV she hosts, but if she wears a two-piece bikini during them, I’m tuning in! Okay, maybe it’s going to take more than a really hot girl in a itty bitty two-piece bikini to get me to tuned in, but — um, what am I saying? No it doesn’t!

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Larysa Poznyak is a gorgeous Russian model who grew up in the Ukraine, did some teen modeling in Russia and won the title Miss Moscow Beauty 2003. She now lives in the U.S. and is a host on cable network FTV. She is featured on FashionTV and Ashley Paige bikini fashion

This exotic Ukrainian beauty has had quite a career apart from modelling. She presents fashion TV and appears on Fox news regularly too. Another reason why you should be watching the news!