Solange - Promotes Safe Sex Campaign

Solange has signed on with MTV’s Staying Alive campaign to raise awareness of the importance of safe sex among teens. Solange might not have been an obvious choice, because she was pregnant herself when she was 17. However, her experience does make her the perfect spokesperson. She attended the "Yes to Safe Sex" awareness event today in NYC to kick off the campaign.

This is what Solange had to sign about her decision to join the cause on her Twitter page:

Today I have decided to dedicate myself to MTV’s “Staying Alive” campaign. Yes, Yes, Yes to safe sex to prevent HIV and AIDS. The Body Shop has created a great Lip Butter to support the campaign and proceeds go directly to the Staying Alive Foundation. This is a very scary topic, it could happen to ANY of us. 3,000 young people under 25 are infected with HIV daily! But it MUST be talked about! My goal is to bring awareness in a very REALISTIC way. So many campaigns preach” Condoms Condoms Condoms” and it’s not getting thru..