Backbone of Italian television - Rosario Cannavo

This is another beautiful babes from italy, before this babe, we got Giorgio palmas, Valentina Desi, and Manuela Arcuri and then we got Rosario Cannavo, she is known as the fiancee of italian footballers christian panucci.. this beautiful woman was also known as the backbone of italian television. this hot babe with huge cleavage wobbling around atop fake surfboards, or similar activities that make their chests move.

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Rosario is a 26-year-old model and TV personality from Catania, and her skills do not stop at pretending to surf - she is a trained ballerina as well.

She also recently took part in the reality show “Uno, Due, Tre..Stalla“, which translates to “One, Two, Three…Stall“. It’s anyone’s guess what this show, or indeed any other Italian show is about