Looking 20 at 44: Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots

Just happened to see the trailer of 3 Idiots and I was surprised to see Aamir look so young. Its amazing how he has managed to play a 20yr old at 44, with so much of zeal and elan.

Apart from the face, even the lean look, the hairstyle, body language, gait and even mannerisms. Aamir seems have worked on everything to make his character
look real on screen.
The best thing about Aamir whenever he takes up a role and involves himself in it, he completely leaves out traces of his own personality out. He is so effortless and natural with his acting that you never feel you are watching a ’superstar enact the role’ as it happens with say Shahrukh and Salman who just cannot forget their ’superstar’ tag for even once while acting – its so evident in their performances!

You never feel that you have seen Aamir in a similar performance before. It is probably this passion that makes him undoubtedly the best actor in India. Not about rivalries folks but professionally – as an actor, on grounds of passion, dedication and hard-work – Aamir definitely has an edge over all the other actors!