New Pictures set o Elly Tran Ha the Most Beautiful Vietnam Bloggers

Hi there, do you remember about elly tran ha?? she is known as the most beautiful and sexiest Vietnamese blogger. there's many people looking for the new picture set of Elly Tran ha in the internet. and now in this opportunity we will give you her latest photo set..

In this photoset you will find the beautiful elly tran wearing a sexy black and yellow mini dress and several other dress. Ok to remind you about the biography of elly tran ha. you can read it below

Biodata Elly Tran
Real name: Tran Ha
Nick name: Elly
Blood type: A
Date of birth: 08-06-1987
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Measures: 88:58:90
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Have to say that the Vietnamese girls entering the stage these last few years are some of the hottest Asian girls around. It seems a lot of young girls are blogging inVietnam and by posting a few sexy and cute photos online they can become overnight sensations and famous. If you don´t see any postings from us for a few weeks, it is because we are on our way toVietnam.

Here's the Complete new picture set of Elly Tran ha the most beautiful vietnam bloggers