New Linkin Park Album Coming Soon

Linkin Park is working on their new album now that Chester Bennington's side project "Dead By Sunrise" is finished and nearing its October 13th release.

The band would like to get to a sound simillar to "Hybrid Theory", but different. The hit single "New Divide" is in no way an indication as to what the new album will sound like.

Here's what Mike Shinoda has to say about the untitled new album:

"We mentally want to get back to [2000's "Hybrid Theory"] not because we want to sound like [that], because I don't think we do," Shinoda says of the forthcoming Linkin Park album, which they aim to release in the first half of 2010. "But we want to make this record a record with identity, hopefully not one you've heard before. One you can listen to and say, 'That's brand new... It's definitely Linkin Park, but it's definitely different.'"