Hottest Vietnamese Girls Ever

Who is the hottest Vietnam girls ever?? do you want to know? Check this out on girlsmodele.

Vietnam surely has an beauty looks of Asian. one of them was tila nguyen or we call her as Tila Tequila. she might be the most popular Vietnamese girls in the world today.

if several months ago we have featured about Huynh Than Tuyen as hot vietnam girls now how about the list of 9 hottest vietnam girls ever. here is the list

1.Nhu Loan

2.Mai Phuong Thúy

3.Rebecca Camson

4.Bebe Pham

5.Tila Tequila

6.Maggie Q

7.Nguy?n Thùy Lâm

8.Minh Tuyet

9.Hoàng Thùy Linh