Italian Beauty of Alessia Ventura

Almost all of Italian models has a nice eyes and nice body, like this italian model Giorgio Palmas, there's many people say that she was the most prettiest model in the world today, and now we have another beautiful model from italia, she is Alessia Ventura, who was also known for her engagement to the Italian sex connoisseur Filippo Inzaghi.

Filippo Inzaghi has enjoyed more than his fair share of beautiful Italian women, yet his wayward steamrollering ways may have been brought to an end by showgirl and TV presenter Alessia Ventura

Alessia Ventura was raised in Turin, Italy. Alessia developed early interests in soccer and modern dance. Alessia's early foray into modeling offered a brand new experience and she developed her portfolio through photo shoots, runway work and competitions. In 1999, Alessia got a big break at age 19 when she joined the Italian version of The Price is Right.

Alessia Ventura has been modeling since her teens and has been entertaining Italian television audiences as a hostess and live performer for almost as long. She was also selected as a celebrity contestant on Italy's version of The Mole.

This is Alessia Ventura when she was become Maxim Cover girls